Suitable for patriotic  concerts.   Duration approximately 11 minutes.  See orchestration.   See performances.   See Audio Samples.

About I Am the American Flag

I Am the American Flag was commissioned by Lieutenant Colonel Alan Sierichs and the United States Air Force Band of Flight, Major R. Michael Mench, Commander. 

This work is written for band and narrator.  The narrative for I Am the American Flag includes excerpts from President Roosevelt's first inaugural address on March 4th, 1933;  and his Message to Congress asking for the declaration of the existence of war between the U.S. and Japan on December 8th, 1941.  Words of the "I Am the American Flag" poem that begin and end this narrative were borrowed in part from a speech delivered by Franklin K. Lane, then Secretary of the Interior, before more than 1,000 employees of the Department of the Interior on Flag Day, June 14, 1914.


2 Flutes

4 Horns in F

1 Piccolo

4 Trumpets in C (4th optl)

2 Oboe

3 Trombones

1 English Horn (optional)

1 Tuba

2 Bassoon

1 Timpani

2 Bb Clarinet 4 Percussion (4th optl)
1 Bb Bass Clarinet Optional Harp

Violin I
Violin II


Band Instrumentation

1 Piccolo 4 Bb Trpts (4th optl)
2 Flutes (2nd optional) 4 Horns in F
2 Oboes 3 Trombones
2 Bassoons 1 Baritone
3 Bb Clarinets 1 Tuba
1 Bb Bass Clarinet 1 String Bass (Optl)
2 Eb Alto Sax 1 Timpani
1 Bb Tenor Sax 3 Percussion
1 Eb Baritone Sax Narrator


Speech Text
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Evansville Philharmonic
Fort Wayne Philharmonic
Gulf Coast Symphony
Indianapolis Symphony
Missouri Symphony
Naples Philharmonic
Nashville Symphony
Owensboro Symphony
Reading Symphony
Rochester Philharmonic
South Bend Symphony

Band performances are by the Air Force Band IN DC and the Allentown Band.

Audio Samples

The following three samples are synthesized with Steve Yager narrating.  Click the center arrow to begin.  Use the double arrows to cycle through the tracks.


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