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Last update: September 2, 2015

Here is a link to a recording by the ISO of Jim's latest work, "Concerto for Brass and Orchestra". https://soundcloud.com/indianapolis-symphony/sets/concerto-for-brass-and-orchestra

Please visit two new pages:  

Concerto for Trombone and Concerto for Brass and Orchestra to get more information about Jim's two newest works.  Concerto for Trombone has been published by Hal Leonard and played by several notable trombone soloists.

Dialogues is a four movement chamber work commissioned by the Ronen Chamber Ensemble with added support from the International Violin Competition of Indianapolis.  It is written for Clarinet, Violin, Piano, Bass and Percussion and is an emotional reaction to the lockout experienced by the Indianapolis Symphony in 2011.  Listen to the slow movement titled "End of an Era".

Visit the Recordings page.

Visit two pages about recent patriotic pieces, Freedom Tower and I Am the American Flag

We now have Audio samples for you to listen to.  New photos of Jim have been added for programs.

Read about and listen to one of James' more recent works for  horns and orchestra on the "In the Mind's Eye" page.  Purchase at Instant Encore.

Check the Performances page and link to information for "Musical Masque", "Music for Winds, Piano, and Percussion""Sonata for Trumpet and Organ", and "Portraits of the American West." 

James Beckel, Composer

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